too much heart was always castiel’s problem

There is a blog with the URL “casandbees” that hasn’t been updated since the Mishapocalypse nearly a YEAR AND A HALF AGO and oh how I desperately want that URL.

-wistful sigh-

Female casts [Supernatural]

little brass wings


Happy Birthday Fea

He used to dream of flying.

He used to sneak out of his second-story bedroom window and perch on the roof, with arms outstretched a wind soaring through his fingers. When he closed his eyes, all he could hear was the old oak tree whispering secrets for the wind to carry away.

He used to think that he was part bird – the only proof being how his mother would snatch him away from the edge with hawk-like talons and squawk at him with a raven’s caw. It was only logical that the son of a bird would also be a bird.

He used to wonder if he would grow wings. He began tearing twin holes in the backs of his shirts, so that he would have something to wear when his wings finally manifested. In the mornings before school, he would practice the speech he would give to others, explaining his new appendages. My ancestors were birds, he would explain as he pulled on his socks; I will fly great distances like they did, as he tied his shoelaces.

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these two are gonna kill me

I’m ridiculously proud of Jensen for using a hashtag though. Mr. Dinosaur is learning new tricks hehehe

This blog is such quality when I’m in class or asleep and the queue is just nonstop posting Misha pictures.

Then I find time to get on Tumblr and I talk you all away. <3

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  1. Sunshine daisies bottom mellow turn this stupid fat rat yellow! (I like sunflowers and daisies and yellow…this just popped in my head)
  2. Deep red. Carmine. Specifically this. I like.
  3. I don’t plan to be very coherent in this because tired. And pain. And tired. I read all my Brit Lit homework to my parents just now on FaceTime! :D
  4. I am a smart cookie. I designed primers by hand today (what a painnnnnn ugh why can’t we just use the Primer3 website why do we have to learn the theory behind it bleh - I’m such a drama queen it was actually fun)
  5. -slaps both hands against sides of face- I chubby cheeked. Also, does this count as annoying? -subtle Agnes references from Despicable Me are my go to when I’m tired- (also I have a fluffy unicorn….it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!)

And with that illegible mess of thought and confusion, I bid you adieu!

And for the 5 facts about yourself or whatever this game was supposed to be before my sleep deprived brain muddled it…I tag the following:

airmancas nerdycastiel unholyseraphs seasidecastiel takelunatothemoon immahunter holahydra secretlymisha

…..no one specified how many people I’m supposed to tag but my brain just stopped working so goodnight lovelies.

jensen-datass-ckles replied to your post: Can today be one of those days where I…

I’ll come curl up with you. Today is the worst.

Yes! Come be my cuddle buddy we can giggle over the attractive cast of SPN and take naps in the sun. Lying down makes everything better.

Can today be one of those days where I curl up and do absolutely nothing until mother nature stops torturing me?

I think I need to read for english but…do I really need to read for english?

…ha…it’s been 3 days of school and I’m already slacking.